13 July 2015

I've Been Waiting For You

A/N: This is just a smutty one-shot. It feels really good to write some Bethyl smut after all this time being away from it. Hope my fellow Bethylers enjoy this story.
Daryl Dixon didn't want to be alone with Beth Greene, all huddled together under a tarp in the forest, one of his better jobs on a leanto if he said so himself, seeking protection from the rainstorm that had blown in. Luckily for them it was summer and the rain was warm, but the sun was also about to set and very soon it would cool off with the arrival of nightfall. Beth had brought a warm blanket in her supplies just in case they ended up having to stay in the open so they would have that to huddle under should it get too cold and that, huddling with her, was the source of the gnawing anxiety in the pit of his stomach.
"Maybe there's shelter nearby. We could look," Beth suggested. Her voice was so small under the heavy downpour that beat at the tarp overhead and Daryl thought she sounded innocent. She sounded, and looked, much more innocent than she actually was.
That was one of the reasons he struggled with being so close to her now. He'd watched her doing something he'd never imagined he would witness, at least not from Beth Greene, and that was fucking someone. She'd had sex with Zach, a new guy who had so eagerly perused her since coming to the prison. Zach, the guy Daryl had seen sitting on the couch in the library near midnight, where he liked to go to hide in the stacks for a beat-off session when the ache in his balls became more than he could ignore.
Daryl liked being in the stacks, alone, where he knew nobody would hear the slapping of skin, his labored breathing or the occasional grunt as he struggled to reach climax. He could be alone, usually, and just get the job done without having to worry about subjecting someone else to the act of him taking care of his needs. Sometimes, however, he'd be hidden in the stacks and a couple would come in, also seeking privacy for sex, and he could watch them, listen to them fuck, and that would make beating off almost enjoyable rather than just a maintenance job of emptying his balls. The only time he hadn't enjoyed having company had been the time Hershel had come in with one of the newcomers from Woodbury, an elderly lady who'd given him a hand job since her hip was too out of shape for sex, and there was no way she could risk getting on her knees for a blowjob, though Daryl had to admit that he'd been mildly impressed with Hershel's stamina considering the grip that old bird had had on his dick and how quickly she'd worked him with her lotioned up hand. He had decided to just forgo beating off that night because he couldn't get the imagery out of his head.
It was just such a night, when Daryl had thought he'd be getting a couple of the newcomers to watch, when Zach entered the library with a lantern and plopped back on the couch. It had been an unpleasant surprise to see his partner was Beth Greene. Seeing Maggie and Glenn wasn't nearly as weird or uncomfortable as having seen Hershel, but to see Beth had been…different. He'd expected a PG rated make out session, heavy kissing and some over the clothes groping, but he hadn't gotten what he expected at all. Rather than just making out, Zach had pulled his dick out and Daryl had watched, in surprise, as Beth handled it like she knew what she was doing. Clearly she wasn't a novice with a cock, and Daryl had sat there in the inky shadows, watching Beth stroke him first with her hand and then with her mouth, and then with her pussy.
He'd never forget the way her ass muscles had worked as she rolled her hips, how she'd not bothered to hide her moans, to keep them down, just as Zach hadn't bothered. He'd never forget how the sweat had rolled down her beautifully slick back, how drops of it had gathered like morning dew on her creamy skin with the little beauty marks that dotted along her spine.
"Daryl!" she said, shaking him, trying to get his attention. He'd been ignoring her unintentionally while his mind wandered to that night.
"Ain't nothin' around except an old train station platform. It's metal. It'll suck the heat from you real bad. We're better off here on the ground, under the trees."
She nodded. "Ok, if you say so. I just don't want walkers coming outta the woods."
"They'll hit the cans we got strung up and we'll know. They can't sneak up on us," he assured her.
The tarp was large enough to cover them, even had a flap big enough to hide them from view and keep the wind from driving rain in on them. They sat there in silence with the shittiest view Daryl had ever had out in the forest. He'd like to see the trees, see the dense foliage of the summer growth, but he'd rather be dry than have a pretty vista to gaze at.
"You've been..."
He waited for Beth to elaborate on whatever it was he'd 'been' lately but she didn't seem to have the courage to spit out whatever it was she wanted to say. "I've been what?"
Her small shoulders rose and fell in a quick shrug. "You've been different lately. It's like you've been avoiding me."
Daryl didn't bother to deny it because it was true. He had been avoiding Beth. He had a feeling she'd see right through him, see that he didn't want to take her on this run because it was an overnighter and he'd have to be alone with her with the images of her pussy spread, the beautiful pink of her cunt open while she rode Zach's condom clad cock, her pussy dribbling over his bouncing balls until she sighed her satisfaction.
"What's wrong?"
"Nothing's wrong, Beth. I'm just used to being out here by myself."
"You resent me asking to come and Daddy saying yes," she said, thinking she had it all figured out and clearly hurt by what she thought was the truth. "I'm sorry to be such a burden. I just wanted to learn how to survive out here."
She grabbed her blanket, since the night was turning cool, and pulled it over her shoulders. Darkness had set in and turned everything black as pitch. That's what Daryl didn't like about overcast skies in the darkness. The moon couldn't shine through and provide any light. He couldn't light a fire since it was too wet for that now so he took out a candle and slid the cover over it and set it on a flat spot on their dry patch of ground behind them.
Hours passed and with the candle light under their leanto Beth took out a book to read away the time. She'd occasionally smile at the text on the page, or frown at it. The candle had burned to a stump by the time she finished the book and shut it, which left them both with nothing to do but stare at the tiny space they shared. There were so many questions Daryl wanted to ask her about that night, questions that absolutely were none of his damned business, but nothing managed to get past his lips. He didn't want Beth's misunderstanding of what he'd seen her doing to make her feel unwelcome in his presence. He just didn't want her to realize that seeing her having sex had transformed her from a kid to a young woman who had needs. He didn't want her to figure out that he wanted to be the man she chose to satisfy her.
"You ain't a burden," were the only four words that managed to finally slip from his mouth.
Beth turned to her back and her shirt rode up. Ever since that night Beth invaded his dreams. Her skin was always soft under his fingers and lightly salty against his tongue. She slid over him in those dreams and felt loose and ready for him around his cock. Her tongue in those dreams felt at home massaging his in deep, slow kisses. Now he was looking at the skin of her belly, just a tiny sliver that looked impossibly smooth, and it amazed him that he felt a slight rush of blood to his cock. He pushed the desire to see more of her flesh away and looked at the tarp the stopped the rain from blowing in on them while she contemplated him.
"If you're not upset about me being here then what's wrong?"
I don't trust myself to be alone with you, he thought.
How could he tell her that he was afraid he'd say something wrong, or even worse touch her and frighten her, see disgust for him in her eyes. He was too old for her. She was eighteen, legal in the old world and practically old in this new world, but he was too old for her all the same. What would she think if she knew how desperately he wanted to connect with her? Sure, he wanted to feel a connection to another person but not just anyone. He wanted that connection to be with her, specifically.
"You saw me with Zach. That's why you're avoiding me, you're embarrassed."
"I'm not embarrassed," he said quickly, before lying back on the ground and lacing his hands under his head. "You take first watch. I'll get some sleep. I'm old."
She gave a little snort. "You're not old. You're still a young man. You're a good looking one at that."
"Shut up," he said, feeling his neck heat up and that heat spread to his head.
"It's true. You're hot and don't know it, with the broad shoulders and muscled arms, and that ginormous bulge in your pants."
"Beth!" he said more forcefully. He was thinking of spending the night in a tree, uncaring if he froze to death though he doubted he could. He'd never thought much of his looks. He was built how he was and he'd never considered himself handsome by any stretch of the imagination. Hearing Beth praise his looks, being complikentary about his manhood making a sizeable bulge in his jeans, made him feel dangerously close to feeling good about himself for the first time and he feared such thoughts, such feelings, as much as he hungered for them.
She was giggling when she punched his arm lightly. "Night, Daryl."
At some point in the night Daryl awoke, his bladder full and in need of relief. He wasn't surprised to find Beth had fallen asleep and lay curled up on her side, hands under her cheek with her lips lightly parted, snoring softly. He could have woken her and lectured her on taking responsibility as lookout seriously but he didn't have it in him to school her, not when she was sleeping so peacefully. Besides, had a walker hit the rattles he would have woken up anyway.
After relieving himself he slipped back under the tarp and shook the rain from his hair. Beth had lit a second candle and it hadn't burned that low, leaving them with at least another eight hours of light. He lay back to give himself time to fully wake up. He missed the convenience of coffee to help speed up the process. He lay and stared at the roof of their shelter, forcing his mind onto anything but the young woman slumbering beside him.
It was going well, he'd managed to put his mind on what houses they'd search the next day, when Beth shifted and put one of her legs over him, followed by an arm. She pressed her body to his and let out a low moan. She was clearly asleep, or just starting to awaken, and one thing was obvious: she was horny and she didn't realize it wasn't Zach she was wrapping her lithe young body around.
Daryl wanted to shake her awake, make sure she knew who she was crawling atop of, whose leg she was coming perilously close to dry humping, whose neck she was panting into, but it felt too good, felt too right, to put a stop to it. His skin was catching on fire from her touch and that fire was rushing straight to his cock.
"Daryl," she breathed.
His name, whispered in her voice, coming from those sweet, rosy lips, made his chest ache in time with his dick. So she was aware that it was him she was wrapped around. She hadn't mistaken him for Zach.
"You smell like the woods and the rain. You feel like a sweet dream..."
"Don't, Beth."
Daryl had never heard his voice sound so weak. He'd never begged for mercy, as he did now, but begging was all he could do. He could only ask her not to make him do something that she would regret in the cold morning light, but that he never would lament. He didn't want her to make him do something that she would put away, but something he would long for the rest of his time in this life. He didn't want to be Beth's dirty secret, her regret, her shame.
Beth's fingers fluttered across his chest, as real as, but no more substantial than, the brush of the wings of a butterfly. Her hips rocked against him, pressing against his hip, the pressure getting stronger as she continued rubbing. She was wide awake now, fully aware of what she was doing, and it was driving him crazy.
"I have to confess something: I knew you were there that night in the library. I knew you were watching us. It's what made it feel good. I always pretend he's you but knowing you were there, that your eyes were on me, made the sex feel so much better than it usually did."
She looked up at him as she pressed her center against his leg and brushed her thigh against the burgeoning erection in his jeans. "I'm tired of pretending. I want the real thing and I know you want me too."
Daryl needed to say something. He needed to put a stop to what she was starting but damned if he could come up with a really good reason not to give in. "Wouldn't be right, Beth."
"Not right to you or not right in other people's eyes?"
He didn't answer. He didn't tell her that it felt right to him even though he knew it was wrong.
"Daryl Dixon, living to please others?"
She was challenging him but he wasn't going to be egged into it to prove something to her, and he told her that. "Don't try that reverse psychology shit on me."
"Then be with me because it's what we both want."
Daryl didn't have it in him to stop her, to push her away, when she worked her jeans and panties down and kicked off a boot and pulled her leg free. He didn't have the willpower to refuse when she rolled atop him. She lay flat on him now, which was all the lean-to would allow, and pushed her shirt off and her bra soon followed. He was powerless to stop her unbuttoning his shirt and sliding it open, and then lying flat on his chest, pressing the taught nubs of her nipples to his chest.
Her lips were soft and tasted of the peach juice they'd drank earlier. He was afraid, so much he trembled, to allow her to deepen the light kisses she planted on him. He'd never been one to share intimate actions like kissing. It was a fear of his, almost a phobia, sharing himself in such a deeply intimate act when he felt more than desire for a woman he was bedding. He didn't want to feel something as deep as love. It was too foreign to him, too risky. He had a feeling that if he ever fell in love with someone and they changed their mind he'd give up. He didn't want to have that, to know what it was like, and then lose it because nobody would ever convince him that she'd changed her mind for any reason other than it was because he simply wasn't good enough to deserve to be loved. He didn't want to fall and he knew if he did this with Beth he'd end up giving too much of himself.
"What do you want from me?"
"I don't know. Can't we figure out what we want as we go?"
Daryl thought he was a fool to hope she'd say she wanted him to love her as well as fuck her but at this point he would take what he could get. What would be crumbs from Beth to any other man would be a feast for Daryl, and damn it if he wasn't too weak to give in, to give her what she wanted, and take something for himself for a change.
He ran his hands down the length of her back and cupped her ass, squeezing hard and pulling her against the steadily hardness of his cock. A light moan escaped her as she made another attempt to deepen the kiss. This time he allowed it, slipping his tongue into her mouth to circle hers.
The material of his jeans was rough against his aching dick. She leaned up and Daryl reached down to slide his fingers into her wet pussy, sliding them through her slick juices and enjoyed the little puffs of breath against his chest while she rocked against his hardness and tried to push down into his fingers. He denied her penetration, contenting himself with only giving her light strokes that moistened her and stoked the fire in her core until she moaned.
"Give me more," she pleaded.
"I'll give you all I got, but I don't know if it'll be good enough," he said, deciding he wouldn't tease her for too long. He dipped a finger into her pussy, slid deep into her wet walls, and was rewarded with a long, low moan.
Beth was so wet for him already he didn't think it was possible for her to get wetter but she did. He only had one finger inside her but his finger was running with her juices and he was looking up at her face, watching her eyes drift shit, felt her ass wiggle under his arm as he fingered her and listened to the wet squelch of her cunt around the single digit buried inside of her.
It wasn't enough to feel his way along anymore. He needed to see her as easily as he could smell her. He withdrew and pushed Beth onto her back before he rested on his knees. He urged her to spread her legs for him, to bare herself, and she was eager to comply.
"Beautiful," he said, looking at her pink folds glistening beneath the thick patch of soft golden curls that covered her pussy.
Words that were complimentary, but from the heart, slipped past Daryl's lips without him even aware he spoke as he used his thumbs to pull her lips apart and look at every beautiful detail odd her womanhood. He needed to see her, smell her, taste her, and he bedded it all for the one chance, the only chance, he was sure she'd have.
First he wanted her naked, not a part of her hidden from sight, so he pulled off her other boot and yanked her jeans and panties off before he lifted her left leg to his mouth. Her bones looked so delicate under her pale skin. He enjoyed the feel of them under his lips as he gently kissed a trail of hot kisses down the inside of her leg. The anticipation of his lips getting closer to her center pulled pretty little whimpers from Beth and each one like a soft hand caressing his balls.
Her thigh muscles trembled when he pressed his mouth to them. Then clenched tight when he very gently flicked his tongue out to dab at her soft, salty flesh. He keep his progress slow, moving steadily closer to her core.
"Daryl, please..."
He smiled, his lips curving against the skin of her inner thigh, and then he gave Beth what she wanted, what she'd waited for since he pulled the jeans from her leg and began kissing her. He plunged his tongue into her entrance, tasted her salty sweet juices, licked long and slow through her slit and swallowed the honey that had collected on his tongue. She gasped, gripped his hair as his nose grazed her clit.
He could feel her tremble beneath his palm now. He deliberately drew one of the lips of her pussy between his lips, gently sucked, released, and then repeated it with the other lip. Every time Beth would whimper, her tummy would clench under his hand, and relax.
Daryl would have given every one of his remaining tomorrow's to have a photograph of the view he had of Beth now, with her head thrown back, sweat slicking her neck and her small breasts which heaved with her labored breathing. It intensified, her breath, her trembling, when he lavished attention on her clit and ducked her with long, intense intervals of pressure before releasing her. He didn't mind the way she pulled his hair. She didn't begrudge the pain because he knew he was pleasing her.
Daryl looked back at the womanhood filling his vision. She was his world now, and he explored that world by rubbing along her sensitive lips flushed dark pink from his ministrations and her arousal. She was running with juices again, her pussy replacing what he'd licked away and then some. When he slid two fingers into her, his palm turned upward, he slid in easily.
"Oh...God..." she breathed, and fisted her hands into the soft material of the blanket beneath her.
Daryl hooked his fingers and began pulling, hitting that sweet spot behind that curve inside. She'd trembled before but now she writhed beneath him, her ass bouncing on the blanket as her low moans grew higher in pitch and elongated.
"Daryl...Daryl...Oh God, yes!"
She all but sobbed his name sobbed as juices leaked from her hot cunt. Then, right before his eyes, he watched her orgasm hit, watched the powerful contractions of her pussy as her juices sprayed from her and coated his face. He withdrew his fingers and rubbed at her cunt as she gushed, long and hard, before slapping her pussy and making her cry out again. When she came down, when it was over, he was left soaked and she was left breathless.
Daryl nearly jumped from his skin, startled, when Beth suddenly sat up, her hair damp with sweat and clinging to her face and neck, expecting to see regret in her eyes but there was none. She may as well have stepped from the rain as sweaty ad she was. It was the look of awe on her face that held him in place, with his dick throbbing in his jeans.
"That was...it was...I felt like I left my body. I was just floating in pleasure. I've never felt anything like that."
She leaned forward and kissed him, tasting her own juices on his lips, and Daryl had never felt as happy in his life as he did in that moment.
"Your turn," she whispered against his mouth. "Tell me what you need."
Rather than telling her he pushed against her mouth, slipping his tongue into her mouth before pulling back. He wanted to be balls deep inside of her. That was the only thing he needed for the rest of his life to feel complete.
Daryl knelt between her legs and India his belt and jeans, relieved to finally feel his dick spring free of the confines of his jeans and boxers. The sound of the rain intensified, pounding against the tarp, which he was grateful for. Walkers were less likely to hear them.
"You sure?" he asked.
"Yes. Anything you want me to do, I'll do."
He positioned himself over her, put his weight on his arms as Beth reached for him to guide him to her entrance.
"Wrap your legs around me"
She did as he asked, desperate to please him, and hooked her feet behind his thighs. Daryl tried to ease into Beth but she pulled him into her, hard, and he knew it was okay to roll his hips with abandon. She was ready for him, aching for him, and he moved fast, burying himself to his balls just like he'd wanted to since the night he saw her fucking Zach in the library.
Her nipples, hard little buds in her arousal, grazed his chest with each thrust. He graduated from rolling his hips to posing into her. He felt sweat roll off his back as her fingers dug into his shoulders.
He'd never felt sex like this before. It was like Beth's body was a perfect match for his in every way. She took every thick inch of his cock and every getting from the pounding he gave her pulled a responding whimper from Daryl. She was coming again, not as intensely as before but it sucked her walls, hot and wet over his cock, and the flutter of her walls finally brought Daryl to a climax that forced his back to arch and a cry of ecstasy from his mouth that rivaled the deep roll off thunder from outside the leanto.
He dropped his forehead to the blanket beside her head and took comfort in the way she stroked his back and kissed his neck while he deflated inside of her. It was with reluctance that he withdrew and sat up, desperate to catch his breath.
They dressed in silence, listened to the rain on the tarp, and then drank deeply from their canteens to replenish some of the water they'd sweated out. Daryl lay back, expecting Beth to go back to sleep and pretend he wasn't there, but she curled up beside him and he wrapped an arm around her. She put a leg over him, anxious to be as close to him as possible.
"Daryl? You don't regret this do you?"
"No. Do you?"
"No. I've wanted to be with you since I first saw you come up to the house. I just didn't think you'd ever see me. I've been waiting for you."
He kissed her forehead. "I'm here."
She couldn't possibly know the joy her words caused him. She couldn't know that the thundering if his heart was from the most intense happiness he'd ever known.
"I wish we could share a cell. I'm...I'm not scaring you off am I?"
"No. You're drawing me in. I just hope you don't change your mind in the morning."
"I won't."
She was yawning, sleepy, so Daryl blew out the candle and plunged them into darkness. He was tired, satisfied, and warm under the blanket with Beth. Most of all, for the first time in his life, he was truly happy.

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